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Career Tribute Tom Brady

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on February 04 2023

Ok, he fooled us last year but it looks like Tom Brady has officially closed the book on a truly spectacular career, we think so at least. Either way, EA has released 2 different versions of the GOAT again, a 96 OVR BND version that can be purchased in the Store for Training, and the first 99 OVR of MUT 23, an LTD Brady that can only be found in packs for about 72 hours.

Both versions of Brady come with Gunslinger already equipped for 0 AP on the 99 OVR LTD and 1 AP on the 96 OVR BND. Both versions come with 2 custom ability buckets, with the cheapest discounts coming on the LTD version. Oh yeah, it looks like both the 96 OVR BND and 99 OVR LTD versions come with Legends Chemistry as an option too!

Limited Edition (LTD)

LTD Brady can be found in packs until 10 AM ET on Tuesday, February 7th.

  • 99 Tom Brady | QB | Patriots, Bucs, Legends
    • Limited Edition
    • Quicksell: 350,000 Coins
    • Gunslinger (0 AP)
    • Protected (1 AP), Set Feet Lead (2 AP), Fearless (1 AP)
    • Hot Route Master (1 AP), Identifier (0 AP), Fearless (1 AP)

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