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Super Bowl Promo

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on February 02 2023

This year's Super Bowl LVII matchup has been set between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles for Sunday, February 12th. Like every year in MUT, we're celebrating the occasion with a Super Bowl Program! This year's program has been announced as 2 Parts with Part 1 releasing on Thursday, February 2nd. Part 1 includes 4x 97 OVR LTD Players that can be found in packs for about 48 hours, 4x 97 OVR Champions that can be earned from Sets, and 30+ 86-94 OVR Players.

In addition to all of the new player items, Super Bowl Part I also includes a Program Field Pass, Solo Challenges, Super Bowl Predictors, House Rules, and a Super Bowl Ring Strategy Item that boosts ALL of your players, with an additional boost for each Super Bowl Player in your lineup. Check out the players and program details we currently know about below:

Super Bowl Players

Limited Editions (LTDs)

*The following LTD Players will be available in packs until 10 AM ET on Saturday, February 4th.


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