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Game Changers

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Posted on March 14 2023

The first part of a new two-part program went live in Madden Ultimate Team today called Game Changers, featuring 98 OVR LTDs CeeDee Lamb and Ryan Neal, and 98 OVR Champions Tyson Campbell, Derrick Brown, Justin Herbert, and Josh Jacobs. As always, there are plenty of lower-rated Game Changers players (90-96 OVR) included in Part 1 as well.

New Solo Challenges and a head-to-head House Rules event are both available. Earn Stars and play House Rules games to earn Game Changers Players and Upgrade Tokens needed to unlock the final custom ability bucket on the 98 OVR Game Changers, allowing them to equip 2 Free Abilities at the same time!

Check out the players and program details below:

Game Changers Players

Limited Editions and Champions

*In order to unlock the final ability bucket for 98 OVR LTDs and Champions, add 1 of the 4 possible Upgrade Tokens available in this program. To learn how to earn Upgrade Tokens, skip to the section of this article called "Game Changer Upgrade Tokens".


Heroes and Elites

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