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Team of the Year

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on March 06 2023

The votes have been tallied and the results are in for this year's Team of the Year in Madden Ultimate Team 23, scheduled to go live in MUT on Thursday, March 9th. Leading all candidates in votes this year was 49ers MLB Fred Warner, who will receive a 99 OVR Limited Edition (LTD) item that will be available in packs for a short period of time. A total of 6x Specialists, 11x Offensive Players, 11x Defensive Players, and 9x Honorable Mentions will be released with Team of the Year, all of which are 98 OVR and come with multiple discounted abilities. All of the new TOTY Players (except LTD Warner) can be earned by completing their set. Check out this year's TOTY Winners below:

For the first time in Madden NFL history, John Madden himself will be entering the game as a playable character in MUT on Thursday, March 9th. We've seen Coach Madden on the sideline a lot over the years, but never as a player. There are 2 different playable versions of John Madden: 99 OVR left tackle and 99 OVR defensive tackle. Completing a set that requires 2x 98 OVR Team of the Year Players will get you John Madden's 99 OVR left tackle item, while completing objectives with the 91 OVR DT John Madden in your lineup that you receive when logging into MUT will allow you to upgrade him to 99 OVR.


Team of the Year Players

TOTY Limited Edition

TOTY Specialists



TOTY Defense



TOTY Offense



TOTY Honorable Mentions

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