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NFL Combine Part 1

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on March 01 2023

The 2023 NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis with the top prospects in this year's upcoming Draft showcasing their talents and as is customary, we are celebrating the occasion in Madden Ultimate Team with a new program on Thursday, March 2nd! Headlining Part 1 of 2 in this year's NFL Combine program are 4x 97 OVR Champions, including FS Leon Sandcastle! It's been approximately 10 years since we've seen Mr. Sandcastle in MUT but if you know, you know. Joining the 97 OVR Champions are 2x 97 OVR Limited Edition items that can only be found in packs for a short period of time with Mario Williams and of course, Chris Johnson.

There are 8x 95 OVR Heroes, but 4 of them are participants in this year's Combine and can equip any of the 32 NFL Team Chems, making this the earliest we've ever seen upcoming rookies in Madden Ultimate Team. A 5th 95 OVR upcoming rookie, Joey Porter Jr, can be earned by completing solo challenges in Parts 1 and 2. Check out everything we currently know below, including a Combine Strategy item that can earn additional boosts based on this year's Combine performances:

*This article is just a preview and information is subject to change. Once content is live, player links to our database and missing details will be added.

NFL Combine Players

Limited Editions (LTD)

Champion Combine Players

Hero Combine Players

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