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Legends Week 16

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on December 11 2021

Zero Chill appears to be freezing everything since it arrived in MUT yesterday. Walter Jones and Derrick Thomas are the latest players released in the Legends Program and both receive frozen art treatments.

Walter Jones was a career-long Seahawks and enters MUT as a Pass Protector LT with 95 STR, 95 PBK, and 96 RBK ratings on his LTD and fully-upgraded Power Up items. Derrick Thomas played his entire career with the Kansas City Chiefs and is a Speed Rusher ROLB. If you're looking for an edge rusher that can use power moves or finesse moves effectively, Thomas has 95 PMV and 95 FMV to go along with his 91 SPD.

  • 96 LT Walter Jones (LTD)
  • 96 ROLB Derrick Thomas (LTD)

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