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Zero Chill

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Posted on December 10 2021

The first of five scheduled releases of the Zero Chill Program in Madden Ultimate Team has been announced for Friday, December 10th, featuring Champions Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson (FS). When his Power Up is fully upgraded, Manning is the first QB in MUT 22 that can equip Hot Route Master and Gunslinger at the same time! In addition to all of the new player items, Release 1 of Zero Chill brings us new sets, ornament objectives, challenges, House Rules, and Store offers.

Check out everything new with Zero Chill below and check back for info on future releases:

Zero Chill Key Info

  • A new currency can be found in MUT for Zero Chill called "Snowflakes". Beat Challenges to acquire Snowflakes and use them to gather Presents and Zero Chill Players from the Store.
  • Every day you log into MUT during Zero Chill from December 10th until January 5th, you will receive 2,500 Snowflakes.
  • Ornaments are earned by completing Missions and can be used in exchange sets to acquire Zero Chill Presents and/or Zero Chill Players.
  • Yarn Collectibles are earned by winning games in House Rules and used to upgrade Ugly Sweater Players from 80 to 90 OVR.
  • All Presents open on 12/25 and can no longer be earned after that date.



The following Champions are earned by completing their set. While FS Calvin does not have a Power Up, he can reach 96 OVR by directly upgrading his Zero Chill item.




Ugly Sweater

You will acquire the 80 OVR version of either of the following players after your first win in House Rules. Upgrade them to 90 OVR by using Yarn Collectibles earned from playing House Rules or from exchanging Ornaments in the Yarn Collectibles Set. Every victory in House Rules during Zero Chill will award an Ugly Sweater Vote Token. Use this token in Sets to vote for the player you want to see earn a permanent +1 OVR upgrade. The player with the most votes when voting ends on January 5th will get the +1 upgrade.

House Rules and Challenge Rewards

OOP Patterson can be acquired by reaching 30 Wins in the current House Rules event and while he doesn't have a Power Up, his OOP Zero Chill item can be directly upgraded to 93 OVR. Randy Moss can be acquired by completing the Welcome to Zero Chill challenges.

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