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Top 5 HBs In Madden 19

Mr. MUT Coin

Posted on May 04 2018

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Hello everybody. Over the course of the next two weeks I, xRyan915, will be going over the expected top 5 players at each position in Madden 19 Ultimate Team.

Today in our TOP 5 PLAYERS IN Madden 19 series we are going over Halfbacks! Some might say HB's are just as important as QB's in Madden and while I would tend to agree with that statement, I can understand why some people would put less attention into their HB's on MUT. One reason being is you can have two decent players and get almost the same production as having one amazing player at the position, especially at the beginning of the game. Let's get this started.


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At 87 overall we have a tie between two players. The first HB we are going over is Kareem Hunt. Now here's a guy who had an excellent Rookie season and I do believe he may have earned his way into the top 5 to 6 range of HB's in MUT. He should be a decent all around player with alright speed and nice break tackle / trucking. I don't think he's going to cost anybody a huge amount of coins but he should be a great addition to anyone's squad day one.


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The second of the two 87 overall Halfbacks is going to be LeSean McCoy. He is always a fan favorite among Madden players because of his dual threat ability. He can run with the best of them and catch the ball at an extremely high level out of the backfield. Send him on a wheel route or just a simple HB screen and he will be sure to catch the ball and make some moves downfield. He may not have his elite speed in MUT 19 but I can still foresee it being in the 86 to 87 range. His break tackle rating and elusiveness should be great as well.


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We have another two way tie here at 88 overall and first up is Arizona Cardinals star Halfback David Johnson. Much like LeSean McCoy, David Johnson is always a dual threat in Madden but to a higher level. Johnson will come in with better speed than McCoy and also bring in the ability to truck defenders, albeit probably not at an Elite level but he will have a lot more power than McCoy. After an injury put him on the IR all year last season, I can see David Johnson being healthy and ready to break out big time in 2018. Expect an upgrade early on for David Johnson!


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The second of the two 88's is going to be Ezekiel Elliott. Can this guy stop getting suspended? If Elliott plays all year he should be primed for a huge year in Dallas. The Cowboys barely have a passing game anymore so they are going to have to rely on Zeke to EAT all year and he more than likely will have a huge year. In Madden, Zeke will boast a great speed rating (somewhere around 88 to 90) and have the ability to make defenders miss with his high juke/spin and break tackle rating. He will be one of the most expensive HB's in MUT 19 and definitely somebody you would want on your squad.


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The only 89 overall player we have at HB is Rams Superstar Todd Gurley. Gurley had an absolute MONSTER season in 2017 and I almost considered putting him as the top HB in MUT 19 but if he continues his dominance, he will be upgraded past my number 1 HB in no time. Gurley will probably be the fastest HB among the top 5 I have listed (6 in reality with the ties). He will have amazing Elusiveness/Juke/Spin/Break Tackle. He will also boast a nice Catch rating. Some may even say he is the BEST HB in the game even though he is at 89 overall. If you acquire this card, at least try it a few times before you decide to sell it or trade it away!


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Le'Veon Bell is again the highest rated HB in Madden 19 (in my opinion) coming in at 90 overall. His attributes, in some aspects, will be unmatched by anyone. His Elusiveness is always his best attribute from Madden to Madden, probably hitting the 90-91 range in MUT 19. Speed will be a rating that Bell lacks because let's be honest, he isn't very FAST in real life, he's just so patient and takes his time to find the hole and explodes through it. If anything he will have an amazing Acceleration rating over speed. He is probably the best dual threat back in the game and his Catch rating will be super high. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how the top backs in the game end up on the auction house in terms of price since the rumor is running the ball in Madden 19 is very hard. The top backs in the game will probably help out a lot to make it easier to hit the holes and score some touchdowns.

That concludes the list of the TOP 5 HB'S IN MADDEN 19! Be sure to check out tomorrows article where we go over the TOP 5 WR'S IN MADDEN 19! Also be sure to head on over to my YouTube channel if you want to hear me break down even more information I have on these Halfbacks and more TOP 5 lists every day!

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